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  1. Dear LK,
    I wonder if I might send you a young adult book a friend of mine recently wrote (I’ve volunteered to help him market the book, as he doesn’t even own a computer…) I came across your reviews, and thought them well written, so I thought I would see if you might be interested.
    If you’d like, you could just download a sample and see if you like the writing, and then contact me: my email is I will happily send you the book (though at 99 cents, it’s not such a generous offer…!)
    The book is Unplugged, by PD Quaver; it tells the story of a group of teenagers who are the victim of a kidnapping…a sort of survival/adventure story. I think it’s well written–though as I am not the author, you can feel free to disagree without worry of hurting anyone’s feelings-! Best, Ed R.

    1. Dear Ed,

      While I have reviewed in the past, and may wish to review in the future, right now my particular writing plate is overflowing and I am no longer accepting books for review. Thank you for seeking me out. Best of luck to you and PD Quaver, it does sound like a book I’d enjoy. LK

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