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Diary of a Misfit – Current Event

Newspaper photo © Oleg PidodnyaWhen I decided to put Diary of a Misfit together, I earmarked the article on Amanda Cummings for inclusion to the collection. It initially caught my attention because the family believed repetitive bullying had been responsible for her decision to kill herself.

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Diary of a Misfit – Daddy’s Death

Rose photo © Artem SapeginWhen I ran across the photo of the rose, I knew immediately it summed up everything I needed for the piece named, Daddy’s Death. The bud, wilted and drooping, yet the stalk still straight and the leaves green. When we lose a loved one, it is how we feel; as if our essence has been sapped, we’re wilted, our life is crumpling around the edges, and yet, there is still life, and it flows around us. It was so perfect to me, I almost left the title and name off the cover—there was no need for anything else.

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Diary of a Misfit – Mean Girl

Cassie photo © Olga Ekaterincheva  School photo © MetalroseWhen Cassie Kendall was first mentioned in a conversation between Tom and Katie during Nowhere Feels Like Home, I knew she was annoying and shallow … I didn’t know she was in the running for the Regina George award for meanness.

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Diary of a Misfit – There’s Something About Rusty

Rusty photo © Wrangel  Background photo © David ColemanI’ll admit it … when reviewing the stories I was planning for Diary of a Misfit I realized I needed a few lighter stories to balance out some of the heavier topics included in the collection and the first thing that popped into my head was an entry about Rusty. *Sigh* Rusty is the sort of character writers fall in love with.

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Diary of a Misfit – Remembering What Isn’t To Be

Crosses photo © Chrisharvey Background Dreamstime Stock Photo 26793The mind of a writer is a strange thing. Or maybe I should qualify that and say the mind of some writers …. Because I can’t speak on behalf of all writers, but I know others who deal with some of the same things I do. My mind is kind of like a co-op with my characters. My stories are character driven, and in order to do that, I need to know how my characters would think, act, talk, feel in any given situation. They live in my head and speak to me to tell me the story line. I feel their emotions … sometimes over and over, in order to capture them on the page.

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Diary of a Misfit – Lost in the Hills

Katie photo © Drew HerronBackground photo © Kalvis KalsersLost in the Hills is the first published excerpt from Katie’s diary. From the Journal of Katie McCabe was added to the beginning of Nowhere Feels Like Home as an excerpt from Katie’s diary to help bring any new readers who hadn’t read Misfit McCabe up to speed.

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Diary of a Misfit – Tim’s Shiner

Tim photo © Alptraum | Background photo © David ColemanWhen her best friend Tim shows up on her doorstep with a black eye, Katie McCabe teases him for being a klutz, until she learns the horrifying truth.

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Diary of a Misfit

01_DOAM_300x450Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had my head down, working away, and, except for the occasional outburst on Twitter, have even kept my socializing to a minimum (and those who know me, KNOW how I love to socialize.)

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Story Chairs Opening

StoryChairsSee those chairs to the left? I’m so excited about them. They are part of a project called Story Chairs (more on that below) and the reason I’m excited it I will be attending the opening reception for Story Chairs at Jack Straw Productions in Seattle on March 27, from 5:30PM – 8:00PM. And what’s even better??? I have a story in the Story Chairs!!

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Supa Christmas Sale

With the stress of the holidays nearly over, now is a great time to sit back, curl up in your favorite reading chair, and get lost in fabulous new worlds. To help you do just that, some authors have banded together and put all their titles on sale, right NOW!! Some of this season’s most popular e-books have been discounted to just $0.99!!! Don’t miss out!

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